The Plaza Group is a real estate investment brokerage firm out of California. They wanted a real estate gallery where they could show off videos of the properties as well as display things like floor plans, essential information, and interior pictures. Their current website uses only HTML/CSS/JS, so using a WordPress installation and some template customization, I was able to make a second site (installed in a sub-directory) that could convince the user that they were still on the same site. I chose to build the gallery in WordPress so that future edits would be possible without coding knowledge, as well as allowing the easy addition of future plugins/features that WordPress can offer.

One issue that arose was the current hosting is a media temple shared account, which was using an older version of MySQL (5.1), which doesn’t support utf8mb4. Luckily, using WP Migrate DB I was able to change all of the tables to utf8 from utf8mb4 so the project could be successfully deployed.

the plaza group real estate gallery page

The gallery page could display a large amount of properties within a filterable gallery, allowing clients to browse current properties.

the plaza group real estate page

The internal real estate pages have important property information displayed, including floor plans and interior photos w/ light box feature.